Nitrox & Deep Specialty Divers 2013

Divemaster Trainees, Dave, Jess, Benoit (Benooz), Kieren, and Gavriel complete their Nitrox and Deep Specialty ratings with Staff Instructor Tamara Lelani May .

During the Divemaster course we encourage Divemaster’s in training to pursue specialty training to help develop diving skills in other areas, such as Nitrox where you learn to breath different partial pressures of gases and learn new calculations, and Deep Specialty to further learn about the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis at the depth of 40m.

Other Specialties encouraged during this program is the Search & Recovery Specialty, Digital Underwater Photography Specialty and Wreck Specialty Diver are some of the more popular options. Wreck Specialty in particular as on the final dives the divers learn to penetrate the wreck using reels, base lines and torches, along with special bouyancy techniques and dive planning.

If you are interested in learning more about the specialty options available please check out this link for specialties.

Dave, Jess, Kieren, Benoit and Gavriel


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