Bouyancy World – Koh Tao

As we are creating Awareness for our underwater environment, we strongly suggest divers, especially beginner divers to continue their education and further develop their bouyancy skills.

You have the choice of taking the PADI Advanced Course where within this program one of the PADI Adventure dives is the Peak Performance Bouyancy dive.  Here you learn to streamline yourself and course equipment by focusing on breathing techniques to help conserve more of your air, along with finning and swimming methods to help with movement through the water so as to prevent kicking or damaging corals. For further information on the Advanced Course click here

If you would like to further develop your bouyancy skills then the PADI Peak Performance Bouyance Specialty Course which includes 2 dives. You may always credit the first dive that is conducted in the PADI Advanced Course – Peak Perforance Bouyancy Adventure Diver to the specialty course which means you only need to complete one dive.  Then you receive this Certification. For more details please click here Peak Performance Bouyancy.

On Koh Tao we have an artificial reef named ” Bouyancy World” to help with devloping bouyancy skills for divers.  It is also located near our Twin Peaks dive site, so that once completing skills – divers can venture to the reef with proper diving techniques and move around the corals without causing any damage.

Bouyancy Games at Bouyancy World


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