Congrats to the new Open Water Divers!!

Massive congratulations to the new Open Water Divers Shobhit and Mary!!

Great dives at some great Dive Sites where we saw Great Barracuda, a Banded Sea Snake and Titan Triggerfish to name a few.

The best part about this course though was the amazing transformation I witnessed in both of the guys from day one in the swimming pool confined session all the way to the final dive down to 18m. This is where they became Certified Open Water Divers!! Hope to see you guys again soon to continue your underwater journey.


image image image

Let’s learn: Yellow boxfish


The yellow boxfish is quite a hard one to spot despite its unique shape and bright colour. This is because of their size being about the same as a pea at its smallest. Certain types can, however, grow as big as a football.

Like most other brightly coloured animals, its colour scheme is meant to warn off other animals as this little critter is highly poisonous and can release toxic proteins from its skin if threatened. This protein is so poisonous that it has the potential to kill all animals around it and wipe out an entire aquarium should it find itself unlucky enough to be in one. So don’t buy them!

Its habitat is always amongst rocks and coral and its diet mainly consists of algae, worms and small fish. They also enjoy shrimp and crab too!

Kiss me quick!

Kiss me quick!

Odd fact; Mercedes-Benz designed a concept car based on the boxfish due to its aerodynamic design and skeletal strength.

Plenty of room in the boot

Plenty of room in the boot

Let’s learn: Phytoplankton

These teeny-tiny little critters are, in a nutshell, the foundation of the food chain for the ocean world. Without them, there would not be much to see in the ocean even though you can’t see them yourself.

They are more than just food though, they also are huge carbon dioxide absorbers accounting for about a third of all produced by us dirty humans. Pretty impressive. They live in the upper layers of the ocean where they produce organic compounds via photosynthesis. They actually account for half of all photosynthesis done on the planet. Even more impressive!

Their name comes from the Greek words meaning python (plant) and planktos (drifter/wanderer). Depending on which particular strand of phytoplankton is present, it changes the colour of the water. Here in Koh tao we get a green tint. If there is enough of them, you can even see them from space! Super impresive!!


These guys were captured off the coast of ireland by NASA's Terra satellite

These guys were captured off the coast of ireland by NASA’s Terra satellite





Go Team GB!! Open water – Adavanced.

Go Team GB!!! What an amazing week I had instructing these guys, Brothers Ronan and Mike along with DMT Chloe’s friend Sam.

Congratulations to all three of you on completion of your Padi Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses! The week was enjoyable and full of laughs.

Koh Tao offers a fantastic range of dive sites to suit all abilities and courses. From shallow sandy dive sites for beginners (Padi Open Water Divers) all the way to deep Pinnacle sites for those with a little more experience.

Cant wait to have you back at sunshine to continue your underwater journey…here’s some of the highlights of the week.

image image image

Breathtaking view at Chalok Baan Kao

Sunshine Divers is located at the Southern part of Koh Tao, the more relaxed, chilled and beautiful area which is called Chalok Baan Kao. The direct access to the beach, the chilled atmosphere, the beautiful rock formation “Buddha rock” and off course the relaxed atmosphere at Sunshine Divers is what most people attract to this location.

chalok baan kao

Chalok Baan Kao is far away from the busy and touristic Sairee Beach, but close enough to go there in about a 5 minute drive by either taxi or motorbike. Even better, you don’t actually have to leave because in the last few years nice little restaurants found their way to this side of the island like healthy food boutique restaurants, luxury dining, lounge bar etc.. The famous Buddha Rock at the left end side of the bay is close to one of the more ‘private’ beaches of Chalok Baan called Freedom Beach and is one of the most picture taken shots.

buddha rock

If you scuba dive at Sunshine Divers we have a beach classroom directly on the beach which allows you to enjoy the view but also enjoy the cool stories about diving from your Instructor!

Hope to see you soon!


Open water buoyancy practice

Doing your PADI Open water course at Sunshine Divers isn’t all about exams, DVDs and studying in classroom sessions. No, you actually get to practice the skills you learn and apply them underwater. Sometimes, in unusual ways!

Take open water student Mido here for example. Here you can see him practising an unusual form of neutral buoyancy by sitting on his instructor’s shoulders as he poses for a photo with out resident photographer. Nice work buddy!

The boys do buoyancy. Boy oh boy..

The boys do buoyancy. Boy oh boy..


More buoyancy skills? Go on then..

Kim throws her student underwater

Kim throws her student underwater


Looks like fun? Come and try our PADI courses with our own unique Sunshine twist!


Final test of your Divemaster course

At the end of your Divemaster course when you did all your exams, homework, practical assessments, waterskills exercises and workshops etc. there is one final test…: the SNORKELTEST!

snorkeltest DM

The instructors love this final test! ;-) Why?! Well, just come over and see why we all love it so much. To give you a little inside, it concerns games, quizzes and … To give you an overview over the last couple of years a few pictures to give you an idea of what your Snorkeltest could be about! ;-)

snorkeltest dmssnorkeltest game OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA snorkeltest So are you up for it?! Come and sign up for your Divemaster course at Sunshine Divers!

Experience a new adventure?!

Do your PADI wreck specialty at Sunshine Divers!

Wreck diving is an exciting way to combine your passion for diving with a truly unusual view of history. With wreck diving sites dotted around the globe, there’s an almost infinite supply of places to visit to indulge in this fascinating experience. However, the first step is learning the details of how to safely explore wreck dive sites.

padi wreck

In 4 Open water dives we get you ready for your new adventure. If you did a wreck dive during your Advanced Open water course, you only have to do 3 dives. The very first dive is all about inspecting the wreck of its hazards and interesting points. Dive 2 you start to map the Wreck so you know exactly the ins & outs of the wreck and you learn how to make a proper map. During dive 3 you start to use special equipment considerations for wreck scuba diving and safety procedures. Dive 4 you actually penetrate the wreck and you finally can discover all the secrets of that particular wreck.


Once you’ve experienced a few wreck dives, your interest will only continue to grow. Taking related courses, such as the PADI Deep diver course and PADI Enriched Air course will give you expanded ability to visit deeper wrecks.


Let’s Learn: Dusky Damsel fish

Instructor Mike takes on a mighty damsel fish patrolling its sponge coral zone

Instructor Mike takes on a mighty damsel fish patrolling its sponge coral zone

The dusky damsel fish (or Stegastes cuscus if you want to sound smart!) is a popular little fellow here on Koh Tao. Found at shallow depths, this frisky little guy will fight off anything that gets inside his territory.

Spending most of their lives in a living space averaging just 0.6 metres square, they will protect this space from anything no matter how big it may be. A Titan Trigger fish? It laughs in its face! A scuba diver blowing bubbles everywhere? PAH! That’s nothing to this mini powerhouse!

It patrols its zone ever more aggressively depending on how rich it is in its food source, algae. Its zone also provides it with hiding spots, perhaps for a sneak attack on whoever gets too close.

Its colour depends on its breed and where it lives in the world but the ones in Koh Tao are a dark grey colour becoming a flushed yellow in its face when it gets defensive, or becomes a ‘damsel in distress’!

Great fun to have a little boxing match with. They never give up!





Professional images of your PADI diving course!

Did you know that you can have really nice, professional shots of your PADI Open water course?!

small 2

Our ‘house’ photographer who has over 10 years experience is joining you on the last day of the course to make some cool, funny and incredible beautiful pictures! Ideal to bring back home and show all your friends and family of your first experience underwater! Also ideal to show the world on Facebook your experience and maybe even for that perfect profile picture ;-)

Marine#8 (2)

In this blog a few of those awesome shots. If you want to find out more about our photographer click here.

little turtleopen water shot