Perfect Dives for perfect students.

This morning, people struggled a little bit to start the day, to feel really awake, might be the moon, who knows.

But as we were approaching Chumphon pinnacle everybody started to get excited, and for a reason, that was great, as expected. School of barracuda surrounded us, while a big thick school of trevallies was following us from below, trying to find a way between rocks, add to that some huge macquerels and groupers and you’ll be still far from the amazement divers felt today.

By the way, as we talking about divers, let me introduce our new certified open water, Dom and Alice, a lovely and fun english couple who gave a great and easy moment to their instructor, Jonathan and his assistant Louis, as they were perfect all the course long. Nobody could believe that they were beginners, even the other instructors; diving and theory… finger in the nose.  Congratulations to them. P1000917P1000927

Join us to have fun too, on the boat, and in the classroom on the beach !

Congrats to our new certified divers

advance1 Advance 2

Congratulations to Vincent for finishing his open water course and Jamie who finished his Advance open water course with Jonathan.

Great dives with perfect conditions, 25m of visibility, turtles and barracudas made the course going even greater. Their instructor is very proud of them as they were very nice in the water.

Great divers are born.

Night Diving

Just because the sun has gone down not mean the underwater world is inaccessable to you, not by a long shot. In fact, it becomes another place entirely with all the daytime fish now sleeping or hiding from predators and all the night owls come out to party!

Armed with a trusty torch, off you go looking under all the nooks and crannys. Perhaps you’ll see a sleeping trigger fish wedged in a little crevice with its eyes and mouth open (probably drooling!). You will see many tiny eyes looking up at you, these belong to all the tiny shrimp plotting to takeover the world. Blue-spotted stingrays come out for a good feeding so when you see a patch of disturbed sand, that’ll be the stingray doing some digging.

Planning on a fish dish?

Planning on a fish dish?

All those shells you saw diring the day, think nothing is inside them? Think again! Henry the Hermit crab likes to take evening strolls and drop by to see his mate Ursula the urchin for a chin-wag.

Letsgo clubbing!

Lets go clubbing!

But how about something totally different? Take a gander at this ‘beauty’! This cuttle fish was inspecting Twins recently and was in no rush to get anywhere. Must have been too early for him. Then changed colour a couple of times, just to show off!

Do the cuttle-struttle!

Do the cuttle-struttle!

See? Plenty to see so ask us about the PADI night dive here at Sunshine Divers.


Save Koh Tao Festival – 2014

The past few days saw the return of the Save Koh Tao festival and there was plenty going on to keep you busy!

It’s not just a dive centre thing, the entire island gets involved in the events such as the cycle Koh Tao event. For a day, the main road was taken over by cyclists who rode from Sairee, down to Chalok and then back again. For those looking for a little more of a challenge, they also rode up a steep hill to viewpoint.

During that day the cyclists also could get body refuels with the ‘One free day’ whereby many of the restaurants and shops gave away one free item per person be it water; fruit; sandwiches etc.

At the actual festival site, there were many shows put on by some of the dive shops and also the local schools here. Surrounded by stalls selling a variety of delicious food and drinks, you also could enjoy plenty of live music; a thai boxing dance show or even watch the ‘Miss Koh Tao’ competition!

Koh Tao also is now home to some more giant clams and sea turtles as they were released into our waters as part of the festival.

Sunshine and Bans had an ‘eco stand’ at the festival which chronicled our various clean-up and crown of thorns population control dives. There was also information on the various eco courses run here such as the Project Aware shark conservation course and Ban’s B.E.A.C.H. (Ban’s Ecological Action for Coastal Health) program.

"Sunshine & Bans Diving ECO Stand at the Save Koh Tao Festival 2014"

“Sunshine & Bans Diving ECO Stand at the Save Koh Tao Festival 2014″

All money raised from this 2 day event is put towards various environmental schemes on the island such as mooring line replacement as well as helping out the various schools on the island. Everyone is a winner!


Team France – PADI Open Water Divers

Voila une belle session Open Water qui se termine.
Notre instructeur francais, Jon est fier de presenter ses nouveaux eleves fraichement certifies Open Water : Camille, Jean-Marie, Adrian et Arnaud.

"PADI Open Water Course"

“PADI Open Water Course”

Le cours etait vraiment tres fun et agreablement facile pour tout le monde, beaucoup de rires que ce soit dans l’eau comme en dehors.
Flo, DMT francais a beaucoup aider dans la pratique comme dans l’ambiance.
Merci pour ce bon moment, et encore felicitations.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving


Want to try diving but are not 100% sure or maybe you only have a day or 2 to spare? Fear not! The new PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) was made just for you.

You can start the DSD course even before you arrive here on Koh Tao by pre-registering your details on the PADI website so by the time you get here, we will already have your paperwork so you can start your PADI DSD course right away.

You will receive a small booklet that gives you all the information you will need to know for this unique experience and your instructor will also help you understand this even more. Your equipment will be set-up by your instructor so you need not worry about that and then your new adventure begins..

You will practice the skills detailed in your booklet after your instructor has demonstrated them first and then your will get to see why being 12 meters underwater is like. Loved it? Then you have the option of doing an extra supervised fun dive so you can look around some more.

"Mike Teaching DSD in the Pool and then continuing the Open Water Dives in the Ocean"

“Mike Teaching DSD in the Pool and then continuing the Open Water Dives in the Ocean”

Upon successfully completing your PADI DSD course, you will receive some unique benefits: a 90 trail to where you can find new dive sites upload photos/videos and meet new diving friends; a 90 day trail to the PADI Diving Society where you can receive special offers as well as a 3 month e-book subscription to Sport Diver magazine.

Want to take the PADI DSD course to the next level of the PADI Open Water course and become a certified diver? Excellent! By completing the DSD course, you will be entitled to module 1(of 5) of the PADI Open Water course by logging into the PADI eLearning site.

The PADI DSD course, there has never been a better time to start!



Scuba diving fun!

Another fantastic Open Water course finished at Sunshine Divers! Meet Bastian and Philipp from Germany.

Padi Open Water course

Just beginning their travels around Asia and what an awesome plan to start the PADI Open Water course in the beginning! Especially when going to Malaysia, Indonesia and maybe even the Philippines, Koh Tao is the best place to start your diving adventure. Koh Tao has shallow waters and deep waters to explore, practice and improve your diving skills.

small 2

The guys were great during the confined water dives and all 4 open water dives. Buoyancy perfectly under control and even start playing around with the professional in-house photographer John Back when he tagged along during their dives 3 and 4.


Well done guys! And thanks for the crazy fun days!


Conmmencons le mois juin en plongee

Le mois de mai est fini, ce fut tres calme a Koh Tao, limite desert, ce qui rendaient les gens venus en vacances pour etre au calme plus que combles.

Mais pas de vacances pour les plongeurs, nous avons tout de meme continue a plonger tous les jours, les poissons sont toujours aussi nombreux, et ne sont pas effrayes par l’armee a Bangkok. Chose d’ailleurs, qui n’a aucunement affecte Koh Tao, la vie est reste la meme ici, pas l’ombre d’un militaire, pas l’ombre d’un couvre-feu (bonne nouvelle pour les fetards) et pas l’ombre d’un refroidissement non plus. Il fait toujours aussi beau et aussi chaud, parfait.

french dmt flo


Le mois de juin s’annonce assez calme egalement mais la plongee est tous les jours de mise. Nous venons par exemple de finir une formation Rescue Diver avec notre ami Florent (en photo avec son instructeur Jonathan), qui enchaine par la formation professionnelle lui permettant de devenir Divemaster. Souhaitons-lui bonne chance! Nous avons egalement une toute nouvelle francaise devenue Advance Open Water Diver en meme temps, tandis que sa copine devenait Open Water Diver. Les cours ne s’arrettent pas pour les francais. Continuons comme ca, ce monde sous-marin est tellement parfait qu’il merite d’etre observe. Je vous donne rendez-vous a Sunshine, Koh Tao pour venir visiter ces fonds sous-marins pendant les grandes vacances. Jonathan

New PADI Open Water Course Premiere 2014 !!!

New PADI Open Water Course premiere!

Sunshine Divers is proud to be one of the first dive schools in Thailand to begin introducing the new and improved PADI Open Water Course. But what does this mean for you, the potential new diver? The PADI Open Water Course has been tried and tested over the years and has now been updated and tweaked to make the experience even more useful and fun for you. So, let’s begin with the basics: Brand new Open Water video and textbooks make the learning process easier and more accessible. Learn about trim (correct weighting); how to manage and monitor your air supply and dive computer use. Also, the new PADI ‘Touch’ app (iOS and Android) means you can learn the theory anywhere or even before you arrive here in Koh Tao! More time in the sun!!

"PADI Instructors get together to role play the new PADI Open water skills"

“PADI Instructors get together to role play the new PADI Open water skills”


New skills will also be taught that are based on practicality and, most importantly, realistic diving situations. Some of these skills build upon what you will learn during your theory such as trim adjustment and others focus on improving your diving and problem solving skills. Learn how to help your buddy if their tank slips loose; experience the sudden buoyancy difference when you drop your weights; control your descents and practice other, existing skills as you would in an actual dive such as clearing your mask as you swim. Once you have mastered all these new skills, build even more confidence and have some fun as you and your buddy complete your own mini dive and respond to situations given to you by your instructor.

"New PADI Skill : Tank Band Adjustments"

“New PADI Skill : Tank Band Adjustments”


Now when you are out in the open water, you will get to demonstrate all that you have learned as the fish watch and wonder what you are doing. Inflate a safety sausage (a what?!) as you and your buddy get to plan and execute your final, 4th dive rather than simply following your instructor. Why? This is your final step to becoming a qualified diver and upon completing the new Open Water Course here at Sunshine Divers, you will feel a great sense of achievement and pride – so what better way to prove that by showing your instructor what you are now made of.

"Professionalism and Safety : A priority for the new PADI Program"

“Professionalism and Safety : A priority for the new PADI Program”


Be one of the first people to experience this all new and improved PADI Open Water Course right here at Sunshine Divers. Contact us for more information

Back to Basics – Beginner Wake-Boarders

It’s been a great busy start to the year for Sunshine Divers. All instructors working hard during the busy season of January to April. As May starts to unwind, what a better time for the group to come together and have some fun!!! Going back to basics with learning how to Wakeboard… for some of us it was a First!

"Sunset Wakeboarding with Nat, Kim, Mike, Jon, Bruno and Michael… "

“Sunset Wakeboarding with Nat, Kim, Mike, Jon, Bruno and Michael… “


Thanks to our Captain-  John who took the time to explain the necessary techniques on how to master the board, we all attempted to catch the wave, well for some – just to get up!  Not so easy as we had all thought, we did need several attempts.  As most things in life don’t come so easy or naturally, I guess we’re just going to have to try again. That’s why we have “Goodtime Adventures” located on Koh Tao – Sairee Beach.

Kim & Jon after attempting their first wake boarding experience

Kim & Jon after attempting their first wake boarding experience


Bruno - Yep I am going to be the first out of the water - Hmmm?

Bruno – Yep I am going to be the first out of the water – Hmmm?


The fun didn’t end there after cruising back to Sairee Beach, we hung out at the Goodtimes Bar for some quality catch up time. Look forward to our next round Guys!!!

"Party on after the wake boarding"

“Party on after the wake boarding”