The ultimate scuba dive Experience

Is the DSD or Discover Scuba Diving! Ultimate indeed, because we take you directly on the boat to experience the amazing underwater world. If you never dived before and don’t have much time on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, then this is your change!

dsd kim (2)

This is what Gav and Dan from Israel did and they loved it! After a basic information about the dive theory and practicing a few necessary skills dive instructor Kim took them underwater assisted by Callie and Jonas who are training for her Divemaster. “An unbelievable cool experience!”, that what they said. And yess, it was. On their first dive we spotted besides the ‘normal aquatic life a masked porcupine fish, a dancing flatworm, giant barracuda and many more! Gav and Dan see you back soon to start your Diving career!

dsd kim (1)

Advanced Open Water divers

Happy songkran new year to everybody, a little bit late, but still better late than never. On this lovely season we keep diving and learning everyday, no day off for fishes and divers. We had a couple of nice new certified divers lately. Let me introduce you Tilika and David, lovely swiss couple, and Joseph from New Jersey, all newly certified Advanced Open Water, right after being certified Open Water by Jonathan. Diving is the best drug indeed The 7 seas are their now, they’ll all go to Hawai soon, they’ll all enjoy the underwater world there, lucky. Enjoy the next diving experience guys, say hello to Mantas Rays.jon ow aow


Songkran open water divers

Even the Thai new year festival celebrations can’t stop our latest open water divers here at Sunshine Divers.

Jenny (The Equalizer), Ebba (Nose breather) and Anna (Erm….she likes biscuits!) enjoyed some beautiful and peaceful dives here on Koh Tao in time to become part of the new year celebrations. How? During the drive back from their final dives, everybody on the street and people in passing cars threw copious amounts of water on them so, upon arriving back at Sunshine, they were just as wet as they were at 18 metres! Excellent!


Anna, Ebba and Jenny on their way back
Well done ladies, it was a blast!

Songkran 2014 at Koh Tao

Songkran, or Thai New Year, is a Buddhist festival and the kingdom’s most important public holiday is held on the 13th of April at Koh Tao!

songkran festival

In Bangkok, Songkran is celebrated as a national holiday from April 13 to 15 this year. But as April 12 falls on a Saturday, celebrations are likely to start a day earlier.

In other parts of Thailand, especially in the northern city of Chiang Mai, Songkran is celebrated for as long as a week. On Koh Tao it is just 1 day, but it is the most funniest & beautiful day on the island.

Come and celebrate it with us! Don’t forget your drybag, swimwear and water gun ;-)!

Songkran in Bangkok




Lovely feedback

Dutch dive Instructor Kim received some very lovely feedback on a postcard from her Open Water divers Hanneke and Nina.ow sunshine hanneke nina

The note is in Dutch though, but the main message is that they want to thank her for the patience during the Open Water course, overcoming their fears and for the lovely time and lots of fun during the course.

So if you doubting about going scuba diving just come to Sunshine Divers and let us guide you! You gonna love it!

U/V Night Dive at Twin Peaks

Sunshine Divers recently held the U/V Night Dive at Twin Peaks – Koh Tao, Thailand. With 12 guests on board, all with the experience of having conducted a regular night dive, decided to explore the underwater with specialized equipment (u/v lights and masks).

A totally different, yet magnificent way to observe the corals and aquatic life during darkness. It was unique observing aquatic life and how their colours were exhibited differently to the day time, including those of the flounder (sole), hermit crabs, coral banded shrimp and goatfish.

Although having dived Twin Peaks several times in the past, it was interesting how important bouyancy skills needed to be perfect for this type of diving. The Black Spiny Sea Urchins are one of the creatures during the u/v night dive that you cannot see, and therefore can easily be grazed apon. Also the dive site itself looks completely different and navigating the dive site can be challenging.  This is why we have experienced dive guides for this program.

If you are interested to learn more about this program feel free to contact Ties or Shirley and visit their u/v night dive website for more interesting facts.

Special rates applied only for Divemasters in Training.

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Enfin le printemps!!

Enfin, après quelques mois que je qualifierai de plutôt froid et venteux. Nous voila maintenant arrives dans la meilleur saison ici a Koh Tao. Les conditions sont magnifiques, la visibilité est excellente, la mer calme et les températures clémentes. C est le parfait moment pour venir s innisier a la plongée. L ile est calme en ce moment, la haute saison est derrière nous et nous pouvons profiter de ces magnifiques conditions en petit groupe. Les sites de plongées ne sont pas trop encombres, autant dire le rêve de tout plongeur. Nous vous offrons dans un environnement de rêve, a savoir directement sur la plage, un apprentissage professionnel avec un strict respect des standards. Tout en y ajoutant comme toujours a sunshine divers, une bonne dose de fun.
Alors venez nous retrouver au sud de l ile dans cette ambiance charmante qu est la baie de chalok baan kao. Comme toujours les cours commencent tous les jours a 16h.
a bientot

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classroom at beach front

Project AWARE’s acknowledgement

A big thanks for our continued support to keep the marine environment clean is expressed by Project AWARE by putting Sunshine Divers on the Action Highlight zone of Project AWARE’s website.

So thanks to all Divemaster Trainees, customers and Instructors who are helping us during our monthly Beach/Underwater clean-ups and all other projects to keep our oceans clean and the local environment of Koh Tao. Special thanks to Sunshine Divemaster Emma Conchione who is putting a lot of energy in coordinating these programs.

Project AWARE