Trio Specialty Promotion – 2015

Come and join in on our fantastic new promotional package for the Trio Specialty including Deep, Wreck and Nitrox Diver Certifications. Expand your horizons for longer and deeper diving, along with the opportunity to penetrate through a wreck.

Wreck Specialty Course

Wreck Specialty Course

This package includes 8 dives over 4 days, where two of these dives will be conducted using Enriched Air tanks.  During the course duration accommodation will be reduced depending on the room choice and on completion of the course you will receive a Free PADI T-shirt.

Trio Spec

Trio Spec - Promotion

Trio Spec – Promotion

As Enriched Air is a program that can be conducted without any diving, we offer the use of blended nitrox tanks for one of your Deep Dives and during the final dive for wreck penetration.

During the Deep Dive you will review risk factors and decompression-tables, safety stop and emergency decompression procedures; use special equipment, descent lines and buoyancy control considerations; procedures for  flying after diving and an orientation to recompression chambers, to prepare you for deeper depths of the underwater world.

Deep Dive 1:

  • Descent using a visual line
  • Describe and record changes in colours at Depth
  • Compare depth gauges
  • Use a depth gauge and timing device to measure ascent rates not to exceed 18m per minute
  • Perform a safety stop

Deep Dive 2:

  • Perform a free descent using a reference line
  • Describe changes that occur to three pressure sensitive items while at depth
  • Perform a navigation swim with a compass – using a reference line for a distance of between 10 and 20 kick cycles
  • Perform an ascent using a reference line, and conduct a 3 minute safety stop without physically holding on to a reference line for positioning

Deep Dive 3:

  • Use a descent line for reference
  • Compare the amount of time needed to complete a task on the surface and at depth
  • Perform a safe ascent and an 8 minute simulated emergency decompression stop at 5 metres while breathing from and emergency air source for at least one minute of the total time

Deep Dive 4:

  • Use a descent line for reference or visual guide
  • Complete an underwater tour of the area
  • Perform a safe ascent, using depth gauge and timing device
  • Perform a 3 min safety stop

During the Wreck training dives on the 742 Sattakut Navy Ship Wreck  you will focus on mapping the wreck, learning tie offs, using reels and torches and penetrating the wreck. Here you will review the origins of shipwrecks laws, identify hazards, conditions and various interesting facts about the wreck.

Wreck Dive 1:

  • Swim along the outside of the wreck, maintaining buoyancy control and identifying and avoiding potential hazards
  • Navigate the wreck so that the ascent point can be located without surfacing.
  • Maintain neutral buoyancy and body position that avoids the bottom

Wreck Dive 2:

  • Swim along the outside of the wreck and map the wreck determining approximate size and marking points of interest
  • Survey a wreck for a penetration dive and evaluate possible entrances
  • Navigate the wreck

Wreck Dive 3:

  • Demonstrate the deployment and retrieval of a penetration line, for practice on the outside of a wreck
  • Swim along the deployed penetration line so as to maintain contact with the line without kicking up silt and holding on to a dive light
  • Navigate the wreck

Wreck Dive 4 (A):

  • Plan and perform an actual wreck penetration under direct supervision :
  • Determine air supply and penetration limits
  • Swimming without causing excessive silt disturbance
  • Maintaining contact with the line
  • Using a dive light while following a penetration line

Wreck Dive 4 (B)

  • Organize and conduct a wreck dive with a buddy, but with only minimal instructor assistance
  • Swim on the outside of a wreck, identifying and avoiding possible hazards.
  • Navigate on a wreck so as to locate the ascent point without surfacing

The combination of all three of these specialties will help develop your personal skills especially buoyancy and air consumption techniques which are very useful in diving generally.

For further information regarding the Trio Specialty Promotion please contact us on

PADI Recreational Sidemount Diver Course – Promotion

PADI Recreational Sidemount Diver Course 

Learn to configure your dive cylinder in a new and different way with the PADI Sidemount Diver course. Sidemount offers an alternative way to streamline yourself and your equipment by positioning your scuba cylinders on the side of your body. provides more flexibility to move in the water and takes the pressure off your back. Another benefit to this program is that with two air cyclinders, you increase your bottom time with the additional gas supply.

"Recreational PADI Sidemount Diver"

“Recreational PADI Sidemount Diver”


What you learn:

Recreational Sidemount is a non-decompression dive course where you are limited to the maximum depth of 40m or depth pertaining to your current level of certification.  Here you will learn more about gas management procedures, equipment considerations such as cylinder attachments and deployment of surface markers. During this course you will also further develop your Trim and Bouyancy.

What you need to take the Course: 

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Equivalent
  • Minimum 15 years of age

Duration of the Course:

  • Three (3) days which includes a Confined pool session and 4 open water dives


Day 1: Theory and Pool/Confined Session

Day 2: 2 x Open water dives and theory

Day 3: 2 x Open water dives and final exam

Cost and what is included:

15,000 baht and includes the PADI Sidemount Materials and Certification, Equipment use during the course and reduced rates on accommodation at Sunshine Divers Bungalow resort during the course.


If you book during the month of November/December 2015 we will offer a 10% discount on the course price.






Chalok Baan Kao – Coral Nursery Exploration and Clean up Dive

On the 15th October 2015, A group of divers interested in cleaning up Chalok Baan Kao conducted a clean up dive out the front of where the Sunshine Dive Centre is located. A walk from the dive shop to the beach and off into the sea, ten divers of all levels participated in the shore dive on Chalok Reef – Chalok Baan Kao – Clean up and Coral Nursery Exploration

Participants for the Clean up dive

Participants for the Clean up dive

A number of items were collected with total of 5 kg of trash, with a few interesting items that we found including a football t-shirt, pair of board-shorts, plate & knife and light bulbs. It is not a surprise that these items were collected as over the rainy season and heavy winds, local fishing boats tend to moor up in the bay for shelter. car rental Of course the possiblity these items were torn from the boat due to winds and thrown overboard.



Our aim for the clean-up dives is to not only keep our underwater environment trash free, but to hopefully install awareness to the local fisherman about the importance of placing trash in the appropriate area and to recycle items such as plastic and glass item. (eg. bottes)

Project Aware - Marine Debri Mesh Bag

Project Aware – Marine Debri Mesh Bag

As the group were cleaning up the dive site we also explored the New Heaven Coral Nursery which consisted of bottles and pipe formations to re-generate corals (staghorn coral) and also closed cages housing clams from predators to increase the clam population on Koh Tao.

The reef crest of the bay is composed of a diverse range of hard corals, dominated by Foliose, Massive, Submassive, and Branching (Primarily Pavona, Acropora, Porties, Platygyra and Symphilia).

Giant Clam Conservation

Giant Clam Conservation

Glass Bottle Nurseries

Glass Bottle Nurseries







Sairee Beach – Clean-Up Dive – 11th October 2015

As part of the PADI Divemaster Program, Sunshine Divers implements the Project Aware – Marine Debri Specialty program within the curriculum. Every Divemaster Candidate has to be involved in at least 3 Ecological activities.

PADI and Project Aware have several programs available including: Project AWARE Specialty Course, Marine Debri Specialty Course, Shark Conservation Awareness Specialty Course and The Coral Reef Conservation Course.

On a regular basis we offer Land and Underwater Clean up dives so that our Candidates may learn more about the environment they are diving in during their time on the island, and also focus on ways to pass on their knowledge to other divers and the local community.

Gage Coon – currently a PADI Divemaster Candidate took part in the underwater clean up on Sairee Beach, West Coast Beach on Koh Tao where he co-ordinated the dive with guest divers, collected trash from around the dive site and once on the boat – recorded the items collected.

Great work Gage – let’s continue to keep our oceans clean!

Gage - Recording the data collected from Sairee Beach Dive

Gage – Recording the data collected from Sairee Beach Dive

Bottles, Fishing Line, Cans, and more

Bottles, Fishing Line, Cans, and more

Sorting through the trash and recording the data with Gage and Abby

Sorting through the trash and recording the data with Gage and Abby

Lighthouse Bay – Clean Up Sept 2015

On the 2nd September 2015,  Sunshine Divers conducted an Underwater Clean up dive for the PADI Marine Debri Specialty program.

Boris Rutten, Mateya Zanoskar and Astrid Vinall – current Divemaster Candidates took control in co-ordinating the clean- up at Lighthouse Bay a Beautiful Dive Site on the North East Coast of Koh Tao.

With the support of guest divers, a clean up dive of an areas of 0.5 km was covered and within the hour dive they collected 8 kg of trash with the majority of items collected included Glass Bottles and food wrapping containers.

A huge thank you to all who participated in the Project Aware Clean up event.


"Trash Collected"

“Trash Collected”






Sunshine Divers Project Aware Fundraiser – BBQ and Games

Thank you to all Divemasters, Instructors and Guests who participated in our Project Aware Fundraiser on June 3, 2015 where we raised approximately 6000 baht.

A fun-filled afternoon of activities with BBQ and Beverages to keep all entertained. Huge thank you to Derek and Ash for preparing the BBQ and ensuring all guests were fed well!

To keep updated please visit our sunshine My Oceans Page on

"Derek the chef"

“Derek the chef”


Certificate for Contributions to Project Aware

Certificate for Contributions to Project Aware

New PADI Revised Open Water Course 2015

Thank you to all the PADI Instructors from Sunshine Divers and Bans Diving Resort, who recently attended the Internal Staff Update conducted by Course Directors, Guillaume Fargues, Michael Richardson and Natalie Hunt on the 5th March 2015.

The recent update was conducted to inform PADI Instructors of the most recent changes to the Classic PADI Open water course – which is now referred to at the Revised PADI Open water course. New PADI materials including the PADI Videos, PADI Open water manuals both hard copy and digital and PADI Instructor Materials are now available (and in several languages) to be implemented within our dive centres.

A classroom session was conducted to bring attention to the importance of following PADI Standards to ensure student safety and dive centre credibility. With the new additional skills including weight belt drop, surface marker deployment, and the mini dive, we will find that schedules of the dive program will be adjusted to ensure student divers are able to fulfill performance requirements.

Following the classroom a short demonstration of these skills were exhibited in the confined pool environment to give instructors options on how to integrate these skills which will only benefit student divers.

As all certified PADI instructors have access to the PADI site, we strongly suggest you keep updated by completing the PADI Member Forum 2015 and Instructor Development Updates that are found on

Once again a big thank you to those instructors who attended and we look forward to the successful implementation of the New Revised Open water course within our Dive Centres, – Sunshine Divers S-6153 and Bans Diving Resort S-2645

"PADI Standards & Updates on the Revised Open Water Course"

“PADI Standards & Updates on the Revised Open Water Course”

PADI Instructors participating in the Update March 5 2015

PADI Instructors participating in the Update March 5 2015

Congrats PADI Open Water Divers – March 2015

Congratulations to Ginette & Kyle Coloumbe and Anees & Fatima Nagree on becoming PADI Open Water Divers with instructor Natalie Hunt #CD460782.

Natalie Hunt with PADI Open water divers Ginette and Kyle, Fatima & Anees and certified assistants, Molly and Moritz

Natalie Hunt with PADI Open water divers Ginette and Kyle, Fatima & Anees and certified assistants, Molly and Moritz

The New PADI Revised Open water course was taught where additional skills were implemented including the loose tank cylinder band, use of surface signalling device (SMB – surface maker buoy), weight belt drop and a mini dive. These skills were incorporated into the new revised program to provide additional safe diving practices.


"Kyle & Ginnette" with Molly - Divemaster interning"

“Kyle & Ginnette” with Molly – Divemaster interning”

On completion of the PADI open water course Kyle and Ginette continued to with their diving and progressed to the PADI Advanced Open water Course! An amazing dive was experienced on their Deep Adventure Dive where we were joined by the incredible Whale Shark!!! Such a Blast!!!

Whale Shark at Southwest Pinnacle

Whale Shark at Southwest Pinnacle

For further information about our PADI Programs please contact us on info@sunshine–diveresort.com

Congrats to Afia Nagree – PADI Bubblemaker

Afia Nagree, 8 years old recently completed her PADI Bubblemaker Experience with Annalise Kingsley through Sunshine Divers – Koh Tao.

Firstly Afia was introduced to watching some basic skills from the  PADI Seal Team program – here she had a visual of what to expect. Then off to Mango Bay the following morning for her first underwater experience. Annalise went through how to set up dive equipment, how the BCD and Regulator functioned and explained how to clear a regulator and mask whilst underwater.

"Afia Nagree PADI Bubblemaker with Annalise Kingsley"

“Afia Nagree PADI Bubblemaker with Annalise Kingsley”


After having reviewed important communication signals such as O.K and Let’s go up! along with how much air do i have in my tank to continue the dive,  Annalise and Afia took off to the shallows of Mango Bay, maximum depth of 2m. Here they explored the beautiful coral reefs and bumped into a quite a few parrotfish, seargent majors, butterfly and angel fish.

On completion of their 35 minute dive, Afia completed a log book detailing her experience. Annalise also gave Afia information about the Project Aware for Kids programs available so that she may learn more about preserving our aquatic environment.

Well Done Afia! Congrats on your PADI Bubblemaker!!!

If interested in further children’s programs please contact us at

Flying Trapeze “Sunshine/Bans, Coral Grand and Spicy Towers”

Thanks to Gemma Semple for hosting the Games at Flying Trapeze this past March 6th, 2015 for dive schools and resorts, Sunshine Divers, Coral Grand and Spicy Towers and for all those who attended.

The evening started off with delicious BBQ meat and veggie skewers, and a bevie of choice – have to say the Mango Delights were the best! Followed by a stage performance of Trapeze Art which gave the audience a taste of what was to happen next!

Bart and Ricardo from Sunshine Divers participated in the initial jump and then catch at the end. Followed by Vemmy’s (Sunshine) attempt to seal the deal for the final win against Mitch (Coral Grand). Although the Winner was Coral Grand.

A round of fun games in between performances took place including Egg relays, ice-cream challenges and shots.

Look forward to the next Trapeze Event!!!

"Great Catch at the Flying Trapeze - Koh Tao"

“Great Catch at the Flying Trapeze – Koh Tao”